Man Redemption
  1. Man Redemption
  2. Let Dem Grow
  3. Set Me Free
  4. How Ya Gwaan Crucify
  5. Free The Pain
  6. Put You Down
  1. Dread
  2. Didn´t You Hear
  3. See Dem Fighting
  4. Jah Jah Say
  5. Boys & Girls
  6. Cry For Tomorrow
Free our minds from mental slavery, says the first line in Jahmings Maccow´s track, "Man Redemption", from the new album of the same name. Evoking the classic reggae style, the song calls for awareness and an acknowledgment of society´s frailty. All the classic words can be found in this first song, words like happiness, ignorance, unruliness, and of course, redemption.

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