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Jahmings Captivates Roots Reggae with Eek A Mouse ROXY THEATRE in Hollywood, CA 10 / 6 / 09 Posted 11/20/09
A breath of fresh air eases over the diverse crowd of onlookers and music lovers alike, bringing back the true sounds of traditional roots reggae as Jahmings Maccow steps up to the world famous Roxy Theatre microphone. A glow of positive vibes reign's the minds and ears of dancing fans moving closer to the stage intrigued by the irie skanks distributed down into the souls of viewing eyes. Behind it all, an impressive drummer smashes a powerful one drop, the crowd loses all control to stand still, deep bass rumbles through the hearts whilst the duo of sexy stunning backing vocalists sway their bodies expressing soothing harmonies among an intimate visual stimulation... more info 2012 Privacy Policy Terms Of Use