New York City 216 W. 42nd Street Movie Theater

In the early 70´s Jahmings Maccow was introduced to the music of Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter and Edgar Winter Group. This all together was what in musical terms influenced Jahmings outstanding style.

Jahmings Maccow moved to New York City, and the 42nd Street Movie Theatre is where it all happened for him during the late 70's and early 80's. Jahmings was going to a Music School in the upper West side of Manhattan. He met a group of singers working at the Theatre who asked him to join their group. They called themselves "The Lover Boys". For the full details... click here
Jahmings Maccow & E-Rif Roxy Concert Reviewed By: Livenation

A breath of fresh air eases over the diverse crowd of onlookers and music lovers alike, bringing back the true sounds of traditional roots reggae as Jahmings Maccow steps up to the world famous Roxy Theatre more

Band Members:
  • Princess & July Background Vocals
  • Jahmings Maccow - Lead & Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
  • JR - Guitar
  • Tafari-Bass
  • Jacob Dayda-Keyboards 2012 Privacy Policy Terms Of Use